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  3. With loud moans, Ira sat down on his penis. She could no longer control herself. Irina’s ragged breathing carried Victor to a distant universe. No one had ever had her like that, and she had no one like that. All emotions intertwined: fear, lust, fear, desire. She had wanted his beautiful body for a long time. And she also wanted to feel the sweet taste of this betrayal. It all started a long time ago: two years ago, but it’s not too important. It was then that she had the idea of ????sex with Victor, her husband’s best friend. At first, she did not attach much importance to this, but when Victor began to show interest in her, she thought, and decided “why not.” Then things were not going well with my husband either. There was the usual insipid sex on weekends without much relaxation. There was a consciousness that everything had already burned out and new sensations were needed.
    Another year and a half passed and we had a second one, and everything seemed to be fine, if we leave aside the problem of the size of the marital penis. This bothered me constantly after talking with Hannah. This question bothered me so I thought about it all the time. But he wasn’t strong enough to change.
    - Yes.
    Sandilek, or simply Sen, as she generously allowed herself to be called, clicked her tongue admiringly and clapped her hands several times: “You use the highest art as if you have already merged with the tacult for at least a hundred years.” Such a compliment was very pleasant to me, although I did not fully understand its meaning. What hundreds of years could we talk about if I did not remember anything from the events that happened to me until that day. In other matters, now it was much more important for me to receive not compliments, but answers. Therefore, I ignored Sen’s remark and tried to put on a serious expression, continuing to silently look at her. She studied me attentively for a few more moments, and suddenly, throwing her head back, burst out laughing loudly, which completely confused me. First, this green devil collapsed like snow on my head, then fucked me to a state of unconsciousness, then, avoiding all questions, made me clean up, and now she sits and laughs. Well, and cheeky. I frowned even more and was about to say something offensive to her, when, obviously making an effort to do this, she finally restrained her laughter and continued to smile and uttered – “I’m sorry, but you’re so funny when you’re angry,” and patted me conciliatory on the arm. “Happy birthday, sister,” she said, turning serious. “I won’t torture you anymore, I’ll tell you everything you want to know. Ask.” In my head with these words, several new questions arose in addition to the existing ones, but I started with the main one:
    “Do you like me, whore?” Zhenya asked me without slowing down.
    From the sight of Diana and how she enjoys, I was more excited. Now the guy took her off the table, put her against the wall and began to rudely have cancer, slapping her ass. He took her by the hair, kneaded her breasts, and she liked it all unrealistically. Then he sat her on the couch next to me and she took it in his mouth. What bliss was then on her face and what passion! I felt her legs tremble. The guy let loose on her freckles with a thick white volley, slightly splashing me.
    As I already wrote, the car was almost empty. Two men were traveling with us in the compartment and four men in the next compartment (as it turned out later, these six men were traveling together), and at the beginning of the carriage, there were several more compartments occupied, by several couples. In Goryachiy Klyuch I decided to go to the platform, the train stops here for a long time. The husband was reading something, two men were sleeping on the upper shelves. When I got up from my seat to get out, I saw something.
    We laughed, and I noticed that she was traveling just as light as me, a backpack, and nothing more.

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